With more displaced people in the world since World War II, it is clear that we need bold and inspiring solutions to the issues around how to receive and include immigrants. Everybody who flees from war, violence or human rights infringements deserves shelter and solidarity. Yet the receiving communities are ill-prepared for the sudden arrival of so many people who are often distressed, traumatized, and bereaved of all possessions.

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Marina Willer | Pentagram

Pentagram partner Marina Willer recently ‘felt that the world has been going to such a bad…

Jan Rothuizen | Refugee Republic

The predominant image we get from the media of a typical refugee camp is one of…

Breakout Sessions

This is where the magic happens! After stepping off the main stage, most of our keynote speakers will be hosting interactive breakout sessions and intimate roundtable sessions, for you to translate learnings into action and cross-pollinate ideas.


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Screening: Red Trees

A film by Marina Willer on her family’s survival of the Holocaust