At WDCD Live 2022, you can check out our very own shop. We have invited two exciting partners that offer a range of items that both support designers in action and help you to expand your own knowledge on urgent topics we will be exploring throughout the day. In the common spaces of the Internationaal Theater you can find these great pop-ups, so do make time to check them out.


a conscious fashion collection of special handcrafted items

In 2016, work with homeless people began in an informal way, while Diamantina, creator of the project, was rehabilitating herself from a life of excess during her prominent career in the world of fashion in Bogotá. In 2018 she settled down to live in the Santa Fe neighbourhood and started the project Rediseñándonos (Redesigning Ourselves), which was born to house and train homeless people in the crafts of textile, dressmaking and fashion design. Embroidery as a therapeutic means and indigenous craft techniques provide these young people with a craft, which as they progress allows them to afford a home and dignify their lives.

In 2020, Diamantina received the honorary award from the Prince Claus Fond for her humanitarian work in the field of culture and development. In 2021 Diamantina partnered with the activist Iben de Andromeda, whom she had met in 2019, when Iben approached the project for the first time. Together they create the AMOR REAL Foundation and the brand is consolidated.

At WDCD Live they’ll be selling items made by individuals in rehabilitation. Make sure to check out these stunning pieces.



For WDCD Live, Athenaeum booksellers will have a specially curated selection of books available to purchase at their pop-up. You can expect to find many of our speakers’ very own authored books as well as  What Design Can Do’s collection of books on a range of topics focused around design activism.

Unfortunately, Athenaeum booksellers will not be able to bring everything but they can order for home delivery within 48 hours (average within The Netherlands) – for many many titles.