At WDCD Live 2024 Amsterdam, you can check out our specially curated exhibitions of design in action. In the common spaces of the Muziekgebouw, you can explore a showcase of the very best of what design can do and how we can use creativity as a tool in response to the major crises of our times.



The Redesign Everything Challenge is a global competition organised by WDCD in partnership with the IKEA Foundation. It was launched in January 2024 to find and celebrate some of the world’s most creative climate solutions. From an incredible 557 submissions worldwide, 11 promising projects have now been selected as winners.

We are extremely proud to present the winning projects in an interactive installation during WDCD Live 2024. From growable electronics to reef rockets and forest guards. The eleven winners respond to different climate urgencies around the world, this year’s winners include new ideas to redesign just about everything, from the products and materials that we use everyday, to our relationships with each other and nature. Many projects focus on reducing waste, while others seek to rethink material flows altogether or explore ways to restore natural ecosystems. Together, they pave the way for a more circular and regenerative future, while also highlighting the interconnectedness of our problems and solutions.

During the festival, visitors will get the chance to hear from these winners as they present their projects on the main stage, and through a special exhibition and networking session elsewhere in the programme.