Design values ​​and history are taught through a canon; a pantheon of work by predominantly European and North American (male) designers that lays the foundation for what is considered “good” or “bad”. The authority of that canon has undermined the work of non-Western and indiginous cultures, so that, for example, one design is regarded as traditional craft and the other as modern design. How can we eliminate these false distinctions to recognize all forms of making and include them in an international canon? Within this theme, we investigate how colonial thinking determines the way we teach, value and practice design. And we investigate how we, as a creative community, can transform systems that suppress into systems that lead to equality.


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Porfirio Gutiérrez

Porfirio Gutiérrez is a California-based textile artist and natural dyer, born and raised in the richly…

Fernando Laposse

Fernando Laposse (1988) is a London-based Mexican designer, he trained in Central Saint Martins as a…


This is where the magic happens! After stepping off the main stage, most of our keynote speakers will be hosting interactive breakout sessions and intimate roundtable sessions, for you to translate learnings into action and cross-pollinate ideas.


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Colours of / from Nature

An interactive workshop where Francesca Valan will help participants to identify the colorimetry of Mexico’s natural world.