Dive deep into popular and urban culture, problem solving and material culture

Hosted by Emerge MX: Kassim Vera
Special guests: Deyan Sudjic, Marina Willer & Elena Mallet

Dive into topics of conversation generated around subjects such as: popular and urban culture, problem solving (by non-designers) and material culture. During the breakout session, the panelists will have surprise elements such as audiovisual, graphics, audio and objects to spark the discussion.

Special guest panelists Deyan Sudjic from the Design Museum London and design professor Ana Elena Mallet will be surprised with different subjects. Evaluating spaces, objects and architecture in which design is present, from elements found in different countries and cultures where a designer did not intervene in it.

Take away
Understand popular culture in different contexts, as well as how these contexts affect the way we think and arrive at certain types of solutions. Considering also, the possible detachment of cultural aspects that may occur during design process.

THIS Break out session WILL TAKE PLACE ON MAY 8

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