Challenge Your City Briefing Jam: Amsterdam, Nairobi, São Paulo, Mexico City and New Delhi

Hosted by WDCD & STBY

Fossil energy use is the biggest cause for climate change and most energy is used in metropolitan areas. That’s why What Design Can Do focuses its second Climate Action Challenge on energy issues in the city. Once again WDCD teams up with IKEA Foundation in challenging designers to re-think how we use and produce energy in urban environments.

This new challenge will kick-off with a simultaneous Clean Energy Jam in Amsterdam, Nairobi, São Paulo, Mexico City and New Delhi. This international design jam is part of the challenge’s development phase. Experts and creatives from various backgrounds, with different skills, expertise, experience and perspectives will test the draft briefs and share their perspectives on the most urgent energy matters in each city, as well as different perspectives on where designers can help. Feedback gathered at the end of the workshops will be used to refine and finalize the briefs for the official launch of the challenge in September.

WDCD and its research partner STBY will work together with local partners in every city to ensure that the format and documentation of the jam across the cities is consistent.

The goal of the jam is to validate the research that has been done so far, and the briefs that have been prepared. At the start of each phase, there will be a presentation by a local domain expert or problem owner on one of the topics.

1) Kick-off:
Introduction to the climate action challenge by workshop leader
2) Scoping: what are the city’s goals
– Lunch break –
3) Focusing: the city and its energy challenges
4) Assessing: local impact potential and local design opportunities. Stakeholders will identify most impactful areas for energy innovation to secure clean energy for all.
5) Roll it all together
6) Wrap it up!

Participating in this session will give you a role in identifying the energy challenges in your city that can use the help of designers. If you are a domain expert, you will get to contribute to the discussion and help guide designers towards the areas that matter the most. And if you are a designer, you will be connected to experts and share your understanding of design to help refine the briefs and accelerate your city’s energy transition. You will also gain better understanding of the energy challenges and can therefore kickstart your ideation process on the energy transition in your city