The clothes we wear keep a record of our life. Denim generates a memory that reveals, through wear and tear, habits, situations, contexts. It is transformed over time with traces that tell a story. This collaborative design workshop taught by artist Femke van Gemert and CENTRO University, will explore ways to reuse and transform denim, using its imperfections and traces. In a world where the life of our garments is dictated by trends and our fast consuming habits, we will investigate ways to extend its life cycle.

In this hands-on workshop we will play with the multiple textures of denim to generate new weavings. Through the creation of braids, knots and ropes, we will explore ways to reuse the fabric and transform it.


Learn and experiment with new ways to reuse fabric (denim) once created, consumed and discarded.


Femke Van Gemert (NL)- textile artist 

Andrea Bores Chemor (MX) – professor at CENTRO University


Breakout room B


Workshop and panel discussion


In-person only