Launched during WDCD Live Amsterdam 2016, ‘What Africa Can Do for Europe’ celebrates 31 design projects from Africa that have the power to inspire Europe and the world.

Both within Africa and beyond, artists, designers, architects and musicians of African origin are emerging, contributing to what the South African singer Yannick Ilunga (25) alias Petite Noir has called ‘the Noir Wave’. With their views on and answers to various social issues facing their societies, they are consciously and unconsciously shaping the evolving identity of their continent. Though this selection is by no means comprehensive, we are convinced that the projects presented here demonstrate the influence of the creative species on the way a continent is presented and perceived. These 31 projects of varying size and gravity, from 15 different countries and across the entire design spectrum, have been selected because they offer fresh perspectives, and demonstrate that the What Design Can Do mentality is alive throughout the African continent.

Other books available for order include previous event reports from the past 6 editions of What Design Can Do Live. See previews of them all on or order directly below. Our first publication ’31 Brilliant Ideas for a Better World’ is sold out online, but still available in stores.


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