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What Design Can Do 2016

Press Releases

Press release ENG June 2016
Press release NL juni 2016
Press release ENG April 2016

Press release ENG March 2016
Press release NL maart 2016


Logos & Campaign image


WDCD Logo square WDCD2016_SquarePoster_ no border
WDCD Logo WDCD2016 Campaign Image 1


Press Images


Peter Saville 1989_Technique Peter Saville 1980_Closer  CMAP-CommunityBuild 6
Peter Saville
Technique – New Order, 1989
Peter Saville
Closer – Joy Division, 1980
Community Build
Juliana Rotich Portrait - Minister Bert Koenders Ravi Naidoo - Design Indaba
Juliana Rotich Bert Koenders
Dutch Minister Foreign Affairs
Ravi Naidoo
Founder Design Indaba
Marcello Serpa L&S Everything © DuyVo 080907st
Marcello Serpa
Forum Jeans ad, 2006
Lernert & Sander
Everything Photo: DuyVo
Rape of Justice cartoon (2008)
 Ibaaku © Jean Baptiste Joire  Nynke Tromp - Temstem  Kunlé Adeyemi © NLÉ:George Osodi_Makoko
Photo: Jean Baptiste Joire
Nynke Tromp
Temstem App
Kunlé Adeyemi
Makoko Floating School
NLÉ / George Osodi
Joep Beving © Rahi Rezvani Christian Benimana - 2 Christian Benimana - 1
Joep Beving
Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Christian Benimana
Butaro Doctors’ Housing by MASS Design Group
Christian Benimana
Ilima Primary School by MASS Design Group
Arjowiggins Creative Papers_Curious Matter swatchbook - Christophe Balaresque Selly Raby Kane - Dakar City of Birds SRK FW2015 Machine---Kettel-Lp
Christophe Balaresque
Arjowiggins Creative Papers
Selly Raby Kane
Dakar City of Birds
Kettel LP


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