WDCD Live Amsterdam 2022

Adebayo Oke-Lawal is a revolutionary fashion designer who challenges gender norms and implements sustainable fashion practices.

From Nigeria, Adebayo launched his fashion brand Orange Culture in 2010. He grew up with a passion for confronting societal norms and has used fashion to combat hyper masculinity, injustice and suppressed expressions of Africanism. Adebayo’s fluid designs are more than a vibrant aesthetic, it’s a style that encourages any and everybody to rock Orange Culture clothes.

Adebayo leads by example in developing sustainable fashion practices, which target community development. From ethically-sourcing all materials from local Nigerian fabric makers, to maintaining a minimal waste manufacturing flow. To nurture a community also means to invest in the youth — with his project “Painting Your Dreams”, Adebayo strives to inspire potential young artists. He is hellbent on creating spaces for future designers to develop the tools and knowledge for them to also make a mark on this world.