Making nearly any water drinkable with a globally designed and locally produced Open Source purification device.

Around the world, 480.000.000 people still lack access to safe drinking water. The water challenge has deep social consequences, affecting not only human health but also education, gender equality and productivity. Drinking Sea Water is an Open Source purification device that can make nearly any water drinkable at a household level. The core technology is robust, low-cost and runs on thermal energy, which means it can be powered by simple solar devices or other heat sources. Thanks to its modular design, the device can be easily customised to each user’s needs and according to different environments. Production of the device can be done locally using tools such as 3D printers and CNC cutters, which are available in thousands of Makerspaces and Fab Labs around the globe. A proof-of-concept prototype has recently been produced, but it’s expected that the design will continuously evolve with time and with the input of users, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to contribute. In this way, this project aims to build a culture of co-creation around a technological solution that can potentially impact the livelihoods of many.