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Mission 2020 aims at bending the greenhouse-gas emissions curve downwards by 2020.

‘Carbon law’: half emissions every decade

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‘We must remember that impossible is not a fact, it’s an attitude’, six climate change experts including former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, write in an article in scientific magazine Nature. Hence, ‘encourage optimism’ is one of the three practical steps they propose to…
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IKEA Singapore’s Young Designer Awards 2017 kicks off with Ideathon led by WDCD Climate Action Challenge leader Dagan Cohen

18-hour Ideathon for Climate Action in Singapore

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Sixty students from design schools in Singapore will have the exceptional opportunity to receive coaching by our challenge leader Dagan Cohen during an 18-hour Ideathon in Singapore as part of IKEA Singapore’s Young Designer Awards 2017.

Loowatt provides Madagascans with both sanitation and energy and could be an alternative in the West too

Waterless loo improves lives in Madagascar

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Climate change will affect all aspects of our lives, even some unexpected ones like our daily visits to the toilet. Long lasting droughts or heavy rainfall and floods might require a revision of our water closet and sewage systems. In that sense we could learn a lot from a waterless loo project in Madagascar.

The first Future Food Design Award to be presented during Dutch Design Week

The search is on for a better, braver food future

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Creatives, grab your forks: the first ever global award celebrating the future of food is now open for submissions. The newly-launched Future Food Design Awards is the foremost international prize intended to encourage and highlight innovative designs for sustainable future food.

The Ark of the Newest Covenant by BreukersGoderie will present Ten Sustainable Commandments to cities

Traveling Ark wins Post-Fossil City Contest

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The Ark of the Newest Covenant by BreukersGodrie is the winner of the Post-Fossil City Contest, which asked for imaginative ideas for cities that no longer are dependent on fossil fuels. The Ark of the Newest Covenant is a traveling source of inspiration, meant to inspire the radical change needed for the transition towards sustainable…
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Polluted Water Popsicles Project draws attention to water pollution in Taiwan

Tempting popsicles with a message

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A bite from these very tempting popsicles made by three design students in Taiwan might actually kill you. They look like cool and sustainable refreshments, but actually are made from polluted water from rivers across Taiwan.

Climate Action Challenge starters kit offers an extensive resources pack

Tons of information to help you get started

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‘I saw the pain of being away from a home that you did not choose to leave,’ Vicki Arroyo wrote last year in The Guardian. Anywhere in the world we have to prepare for such involuntary displacements as climate change is already here, is the key message Executive Director of the Georgetown Climate Center of…
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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation teamed up with IDEO to produce the Circular Design Guide. This guide encourages designers to adopt the principles of a circular economy and implement them in their work. In this activation session at WDCD Live 2017, participants had an opportunity to discover the potential of circularity. BEND LINES INTO CIRCLES Our…
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WDCD Live Amsterdam 2017: Activation Session Report

The Manifesto Workshop with Bruce Mau

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In light of the recent news of President Trump dropping out of the Paris Agreement, WDCD’s mandate to inspire solutions to our climate dilemma became even more important. WDCD Live Amsterdam 2017 was an unforgettable experience for me, not least because I saw with my own eyes the role that designers and non-designers can play…
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