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Infarm develops range of tiny vertical farms for growing and selling fresh produce on the spot

Startup brings the farm into the supermarket

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From vertical forests, to vertical farms: urban agriculture seems to be on the rise in many of the world’s biggest cities. In Berlin, one particular startup is intending to bring the farm into the modern supermarket. Infarm’s range of hydroponic, modular planting systems will allow shops to grow, harvest and sell fresh produce on the…
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At the presentation of his new film 'An Inconvenient Sequel' Al Gore keeps faith in the resilience of America's civil society

‘Trump is a setback, but I’ve seen worse setbacks’

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‘The US will meet its commitments [on emissions] in spite of Donald Trump,’ former US presidential candidate Al Gore said last Friday in London, where he presented his new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. Although Gore has been warning for the catastrophic consequences of climate change since his defeat in the presidential election,…
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Biker activist Aline Cavalcante talks about her meeting with UNFCCC-head that originated from WDCD Live Amsterdam

‘Patricia Espinosa is a great ally for me’

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‘Patricia Espinosa is amazing. She is a great ally for me,’ Brazilian bicycle activist Aline Cavalcante said after meeting with the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We spoke with Aline when she stopped over in Amsterdam on her way back from the meeting in Bonn.

Architecture student Damien Assini proposes masterplan for a carbon-free urban landscape

Zero-carbon towns: science fiction or urban future?

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From super-efficient tiny homes to 3D printed dwellings: modular architecture seems to be having a moment. With his latest project, Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Damien Assini took things several steps further: proposing an ambitious masterplan to transform the British countryside into a sprawling network of mobile, pre-fab cities and carbon-neutral businesses.

New free floating rental bikes confront the city with parking problems

Help Amsterdam fight bicycle congestion

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After a three week’s leave I returned in a city that suddenly seems to be swarmed by shared bikes in different colours. The grey and yellow oBike’s and black and orange FlickBikes are literally found everywhere in Amsterdam. The app-operated shared bikes are a new phenomenon to which the city apparently still has to get…
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8 day workshop in the Brazilian rainforest aims to generate ideas for WDCD Climate Action Challenge

Floating Architecture Workshop to focus on climate action

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Starting on August 25, the Amazon rainforest will once again play host to a unique Floating Architecture workshop led by biomimicry specialist and WDCD alumnus, Marko Brajovic, and AA School professor Nacho Marti. This time, the course has also set itself a new and exciting goal: generating ideas for the WDCD Climate Action Challenge. In fact,…
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Land Life Company and Designathon Works receive funding from Expo 2020 Dubai

Impact grants for two social design start-ups

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Two Dutch social design start-ups we have been reporting on previously in this blog have been selected for a grant from the Expo Live Innovation Impact Programme by Expo 2020 Dubai. Both Land Life Company, inventor of the innovative planting technique Cocoon, and the design thinking education method Designathon Works are among 29 recipients of…
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In his new film Al Gore warns for the influence of big money on public opinion about climate change

‘Climate change is at the centre of an information war’

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‘Absolutely. There’s no question about it,’ Al Gore says in The Guardian when asked whether he thinks the topic of climate change is at the centre of an information war. ‘The information system is in such a chaotic transition and people are deluged with so much noise that it gives an opening for Trump and…
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An interview with energy innovator and founder of Kamangir, Arash Aazami

‘The sun is shining, let’s use its abundance’

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The sun delivers 1,400 times the energy mankind needs. Harvesting just 0.06 percent of it would provide the entire world the energy to turn its attention to other problems, says Arash Aazami. Aazami is the founder of Kamangir, a think-tank designing the foundation for our future energy system. By Sophie Knight ‘I believe that many…
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