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How a detour will help WDCD Refugee Challenge finalist Reframe Refugees to reach its goal

Alternatives for an alternative platform

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The idea was simple: create a platform where refugees can upload their own pictures and stories for use by mainstream media. But what seems simple at first, often turns out to be more complicated than expected. And ever so often a new approach leads to the solution.

IKEA’s innovation lab SPACE10 researches self-sustaining urban food production


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‘We envision a future where we grow much more food inside our cities. Food producing architecture could enable us to do so,’ says Carla Cammilla Hjort, director of SPACE10, a future-living lab and exhibition space founded two years ago by IKEA in the heart of Copenhagen. Door Kirsten Spruit

WDCD Refugee Challenge finalist Eat & Meet experienced the first test dinner in Paris

A nice meeting over chorba and guima

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There was chorba soup, and guima with a gumbu sauce and pancakes on the side. And it was delicious. The first test dinner by Eat & Meet, one of the five finalists of the WDCD Refugee Challenge, was a great success. Eventually the Eat & Meet dinners will be prepared and shared in a transformed…
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African designers to collaborate with IKEA's in-house team during upcoming Design Indaba conference

African design collection for IKEA

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Architect Christian Benimana and fashion designers Laduma Ngxokolo and Selly Raby Kane, three WDCD-alumni, are among the African designers who in partnership with Design Indaba collaborate on a new collection for furniture retailer IKEA. The all-African collection was announced yesterday.

Refugee Challenge exhibition and WDCD goodies part of 100 Years of Dutch Design exhibition in Taiwan Design Museum

WDCD Refugee Challenge showcased in Taipei

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A former intern at WDCD, Rogerger Ng Kai-Ho, spotted our downloadable WDCD Refugee Challenge exhibition in Taipei. And more WDCD print work as part of the exhibition 100 Years of Dutch Design at the Taiwan Design Museum.  You have to be quick, though: the exhibition, organized by Tien Tien Circle Creative, is open just one…
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Design Museum London awards top prize to IKEA Foundation’s improved shelter

Better Shelter selected Design of the Year

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‘If you compare life in the tents and life in these shelters, it’s a thousand times better,’ Iraqi refugee Saffa Hameed (34) says in The Guardian in a story on the election of IKEA Foundation’s Better Shelter as Beazley Design of the Year 2016. ‘The tents are like a piece of clothing and they would always…
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In collaboration with IKEA's Space10 Makers Unite investigates sustainable food production in Social Living Labs

Makers Unite explores expanding to food production

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What if Makers Unite would start growing food? The idea originated from the encounter of the Makers Unite team with IKEA’s future living-lab Space10 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, the two teams together will explore the possibilities of fostering social inclusion through new ways of food production.

Experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun founds the University of the Underground to make social dreams come true

‘We want to become the ultimate rats’

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‘My ultimate goal is that one of my students eventually will become a president or prime minister,’ French experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun said yesterday during the presentation of The University of the Underground at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The two-year Master course is meant for social dreamers who want to challenge things as…
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The Welcome Card team has come a long way since the initial concept entered for the WDCD Refugee Challenge

A card that tells refugees everything they want to know

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Focus, grow organically and emphasize the human factor. These were in a nutshell the advices IKEA experts gave the Welcome Card team when they met at IKEA headquarters in Älmhult in November last year. The Welcome Card is one of the five finalist projects of the WDCD Refugee Challenge, entered by an international team of…
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