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Carbon free trains, electric buses, self-driving on-demand car service: the future is bright in public transport

Good news from the world on wheels

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While we shake our heads about all the worrying climate change news, good things are happening too. In the mobility field our eyes were drawn by the news that all electric trains in the Netherlands are 100% powered by wind energy since 1 January 2017, one year ahead of its targets. It means that train…
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Former mayor of Mexico City Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón is considering return to Mexican politics

Will we have Mexican’s future minister of the Interior on stage?

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At some time it was suggested that Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, the former mayor of Mexico City, would run for president in 2018. Though this is not likely now, it is possible that we’ll have the future Mexican minister of the Interior on stage at WDCD Live Amsterdam.

WDCD teams up with IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundation for Global Climate Action Challenge

‘Together we have real developing power’

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‘The collaboration with IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundation is unique’, says WDCD founder Richard van der Laken. ‘We don’t just reach out to the global creative community to come up with solutions, together we also have real developing power.’ Today, on Earth Day, WDCD along with IKEA Foundation and the Autodesk Foundation officially announces a…
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Tawlet, the restaurant in Beirut set up by food activist Kamal Mouzawak, offers families in need the pleasure of dining

Restaurant of the heart receives families in need

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This week the restaurant Tawlet, opened in 2009 by Lebanese chef and food activist Kamal Mouzawak, will host a Soup Kitchen for the second time, offering families in need a free meal. The first edition of the ‘Restaurant of the heart’, on 16 March, brought together some 60 people.

Peter Gabriel’s WITNESS to train Amazon inhabitants to record illegal logging

Fighting deforestation with drones and phones

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Indigenous and local communities in the Amazon will soon start using drones, mobile phones, social media and other modern techniques to combat deforestation in the Amazon. Early in 2017 a coalition of eleven environmental and human rights groups and local community groups received funding from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund for the project,…
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Circular business expert Nancy Bocken studied remanufacturing strategies for European Remanufacturing Network

Business has a lot to gain from remanufacturing

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It is estimated that in Finland alone, with 5,5 million inhabitants, 100,000 tons of furniture is thrown away every year. Finish supplier of office furniture Martela tries to reduce the mountain of discarded furniture by taking back and remanufacturing its tables, chairs and other furniture. In 2014 the company received 3,000 tons of used furniture…
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The full story behind Dave Hakkens' plastic recycling project

Precious Plastic takes the next step

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Dave Hakkens has been doing great things since starting his Precious Plastic project four years ago, stimulating the recycling and repurposing of plastic waste all over the world with his open-source machines. Now the product designer and his team want to expand the initiative even further and build a version 3.0 together with their growing…
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Activation sessions at WDCD Live Amsterdam will inspire you to help shape the economy of the future

Learn how to design for the circular economy

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Brightloops is a start-up in Amsterdam pioneering in the circular fashion economy. The company produces 100% recycled woollen clothing from old sweaters and jersey’s under the Loop.alife brand. Philips offering light as a service instead of selling the light sources is another example of the upcoming circular economy, which is one of the topics at…
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Rewarding environmental action through an alternative currency

ECO coin puts value on nature

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Our well-being depends on the benefits that nature provides, yet in our current market economy, the value of nature is not fairly represented. Everyday we face a choice between following our moral obligation towards the environment and acting for our own financial gain. Money being the driving force behind change, our economic system is in…
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