WDCD Live closes off with a manifesto directed at politicians around the world

It’s time for a Ministry of Creativity & Climate Affairs

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WDCD Live Amsterdam 2017 was closed off today with the presentation of a manifesto that pleas for inclusion of the creative industries in policy making.


Dear politicians around the world,

Creativity is a driving force for change.

However, although governing bodies around the world stimulate the creative industries, creativity is practically nowhere part of policy making itself.

It is time to change this. You need designers to find feasible and understandable solutions. And designers need politicians to get these solutions implemented.

It is time to join forces. With climate change the biggest challenge humanity is facing right now, it is time to create a Ministry of Creativity & Climate Affairs in every government.

Designers translate abstractions into stories, images, products and services. They not only find solutions but also reformulate the very question. A government body, which generally thinks in terms of recommendations, legislative measures and policy papers, could make good use of a hands on Minister of Creativity & Climate Affairs.

Designers make things, turn ideas into reality. That should become the domain of the Ministry of Creativity & Climate Affairs. Such a ministry should practice sociologist Richard Sennett’s adage ‘making is thinking’, pointing out the power of makers.

Creativity often means creative entrepreneurship too. Designers are pioneers, driving forces, flag bearers for change, active at micro and macro levels. Now it’s the turn of the government.

With old political opposites making place for a new political era of collaboration there is much reason for offering the creative industries a seat at the table.

A Ministry of Creativity & Climate Affairs is really good news for the planet.


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