100 Day Project is an exercise in discipline and design thinking

‘The process is the great surrender’

27 Feb 2015 Published in Culture by Natasha Berting

It has been a good eight years since WDCD2014 speaker and design legend Michael Bierut led the first ever 100 Day Project at the Yale School of Art. What began as a simple, albeit challenging, workshop taught to a few dozen students, has since become a bit of a cult classic – inspiring multiple similar projects around the globe. This year, 100 Days is about to go viral; thanks to artist Elle Luna and her upcoming collaboration with The Great Discontent magazine. (...)

Lord of Towers Ole Scheeren speaks at WDCD2015

‘Height can’t be the ultimate goal of a skyscraper’

25 Feb 2015 Published in City by Bas van Lier

Slowly more and more details of What Design Can Do’s program for 21 & 22 May 2015 are being revealed. Before the 2015 campaign will break loose next month, we start here to present the speakers and themes of the upcoming event. For starters, we’re proudly announcing renowned architect Ole Scheeren as speaker at WDCD2015. (...)

Beat the Hunger monsters and gain bowls of of rice to feed hungry kids

Beat Hunger and score, score, score!

23 Feb 2015 Published in Aid by Femke van Gemert

Want to feed the hungry? Play a game! In Hunger Crunch you and a “loyal beastie” fight a gang of monsters called Hunger who steal food. As you play you can earn collectibles and purchase candy coins that help you beat the Hunger monsters and provide meals for orphans around the world. (...)

What Design Can Do 21 &22 May 2015 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

WDCD2012-speaker Suzanne Lee hosts a tour through her lab at Modern Meadow

Growing leather as thin as a butterfly wing

20 Feb 2015 Published in Nature by editor

‘Imagine leather that’s as lightweight and transparent as a butterfly wing or has the natural stretch of rubber. Or imagine a material with the dynamic responsiveness of the skin of a chameleon.’ Sketching this nearby future of biologically made fabrics is WDCD2012-speaker and Biocouture-founder Suzanne Lee, who took Popular Science on a tour through the labs of Modern Meadow. (...)


This is the hospital children want to go to

16 Feb 2015 Published in Health by Natasha Berting

Fluorescent lights and awkward waiting rooms. Worried faces and that medicinal smell that you can’t quite put your finger on. More often than not, these are the thoughts that hospitals bring to mind. Even in the best of them, it’s hard to feel comfortable – and we’re adults. A hospital stay can be especially terrifying for children. In their efforts to change this once and for all, The Royal London Children’s Hospital have turned to commissioning artists to transform their wards and hallways. (...)


70 design talents to watch

13 Feb 2015 Published in Culture by Bas van Lier

Reacting to an aging population young designers Hyun Kyung Lee invented wearables that could encourage older adults to have a healthier lifestyle. These include Fall Prevention Exercise Trousers, a Hand and Finger Massage Jumper and a Social Activity Coat. Hyun Lee is among the 70 Ones to Watch selected by the British Design Council as part of its 70th anniversary. (...)

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona brings together design collections of four of the city’s museums

Finally Barcelona has got its design museum

11 Feb 2015 Published in Culture by Bas van Lier

Located at the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Barcelona’s new Design Museum glorifies Catalan and, more in general, Spanish decorative and applied arts. The museum, which opened in December, displays a marvel of handicraft from past centuries, and product, fashion and graphic design of more recent times. (...)

09 Feb 2015 Published in City by Bas van Lier

In Barcelona’s new Design Museum we came across this project called Trash | Track by MIT Senseable City Lab, which is headed by former WDCD-speaker Carlo Ratti. The project, in which 3,000 pieces of trash were tagged and followed, is a tiny part of a spectacular exhibition called Metròpolis Barcelona. This exhibition shows the past, present and future of the Barcelona metropolitan area as part of the process of defining the new Metropolitan Urban Plan. (...)

06 Feb 2015 Published in Food by Femke van Gemert

Check your fridge, tap in the ingredients you have at hand and get instantly loads of suggestions for dishes you can make. The new iOS-app Handpick helps you to get inspiration and at the same time reduces food waste. (...)

04 Feb 2015 Published in Culture by Bas van Lier

Czech architect and glass designer Bořek Šípek is among the fifty designers, galleries, and artists exhibiting their latest limited editions and one-offs at design fair OBJECT Rotterdam. The fair will be held from 5-8 February in Rotterdam. Šípek will show a large collection of his latest work. He will also be talking, together with artist Joep van Lieshout and designer Richard Hutten, on Saturday 7 February about his objects of desire. (...)