Brazilian chef Alex Atala talks about the importance of food in POD Session

‘Food is the biggest prisma of culture’

23 Sep 2015 Published in Speakers by Bas van Lier

Brazilian top-chef Alex Atala, one of the speakers at WDCD São Paulo on 7 & 8 December 2015,was interviewed last May in Amsterdam for the POD Sessions by De Vorm furniture products. He talks about  search for indigenous Brazilian ingredients, which is not only transforming Brazil’s culinary identity but also social and environmental attitudes in the country by creating new networks. Next to his two restaurants D.O.M. and Dalva e Dito he founded Instituto ATÁ, which promotes sustainable production and consumption. (...)

Profit from the early bird discount for WDCD São Paulo on 7 & 8 December 2015

It’s on: tickets for WDCD Brazil are now available

21 Sep 2015 Published in WDCD by editor

Deyan Sudjic, Marcelo Rosenbaum, Alex Atala, Stefan Sagmeister, Sissel Tolaas and Rohan Shivkumar are among the speakers at What Design Can Do Brazil on 7 & 8 December 2015 in São Paulo. Ticket sales for this first edition of WDCD outside the Netherlands start today. It actually is going to happen: What Design Can Do spreads its wings and as a first will land in São Paulo, Brazil. The place is not chosen randomly. São Paulo has a thriving and extensive cultural scene. At the same time, the city, with 20 million inhabitants, faces enormous challenges following the rapid social, […] (...)

Social platforms show their value in refugee crisis

Volunteers compile phrasebook for refugees

09 Sep 2015 Published in Aid by Bas van Lier

Refugee Phrasebook is a beautiful example of the true social benefits of social platforms. In a matter of days a group of volunteers in Berlin compiled a phrasebook with basic sentences translated in different languages to help incoming refugees. (...)

Afghan graffiti artists turn blast walls into canvas

Artists in Kabul paint away the walls

08 Sep 2015 Published in City by Bas van Lier

“It is time for Afghanistan and for the world to contribute something else then weapons and war. We have been through war for the past 36 years. It is really time to give art and artists a chance.” Says Afghan graffiti artist Kabir Mokamel, who, together with other artists, took the initiative to bring some beauty and hope to the streets of Kabul. (...)

Liquid Citizenship shows the increasing possibilities of obtaining a legal status

Liquefy your citizenship

07 Sep 2015 Published in Politics by Bas van Lier

“With an annual profit of between 3 and 10 billion US dollar, human traffickers are now the world’s largest travel agency, albeit illegal.” Dutch designer Femke Herregraven mentions this cynic fact in her introduction to the website Liquid Citizenship. The site is meant to raise awareness for the changed meaning of citizenship. (...)

Playground for artists, designers and music fans now live on Kickstarter

Whitestone will change the looks of music

04 Sep 2015 Published in Culture by Bas van Lier

Five years designer and musician Roey Tsemah has been thinking about how we can experience music in the digital age just like we did when album covers where true pieces of art. Now he launches Whitestone, a platform conceived by artists, designers and programmers to create, collect and truly experience music. (...)

Mammoth design project documents one of the largest faith gatherings on earth

A museum in print

03 Sep 2015 Published in Culture by editor

Recently our good Indian friend Mohor Ray, partner of Codesign, published a post on the studio’s blog describing a remarkable design project. We are happy to republish Mohor’s post here with her permission. By Mohor Ray (...)

Submission deadline for new CtoC designs is 1 December 2015

Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge

02 Sep 2015 Published in Recycling by Bas van Lier

A new round of the Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge is now open for submissions. Design students and professional designers can submit their ideas for infinitely recyclable products until 1 December 2015. (...)

Private project by Frolic studio starts Kickstarter campaign

Pingbell tells you where you bike is hidden

01 Sep 2015 Published in Mobility by Bas van Lier

Certainly in Amsterdam this is a common problem: to find your bicycle in between hundreds of other bicycles parked in a cycle shed near for instance the station. Amsterdam design studio Frolic devised a solution to make this annoyance a thing of the past. With a little help from Kickstarter Pingbell will be available for us all soon. Check this charming video that explains it all.     (...)

Mexican machine builder volunarily travels to the Netherlands to help out Dave Hakkens

Mexican help for Precious Plastic

31 Aug 2015 Published in Recycling by Bas van Lier

If anyone’s heart is in the right place, it is Alejandro Luna’s. Luna is a young machine builder from Mexico. A while ago he sent this video in response to a call from Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, who was in search of a machine builder for his Precious Plastic project. (...)