Ghana Design Network to host a breakout session at WDCD

Reimagining Osu Night Market in Accra

28 Apr 2015 Published in City by Bas van Lier

As part of a special relationship that is growing between the design communities of Ghana and the Netherlands, WDCD will host a breakout session called ‘Osu Night Market Reimagined’. The objective of the workshop is to investigate the role of design in the economic empowerment of communities in Ghana, West Africa. (...)

WDCD2015 speaker Sissel Tolaas makes us aware of our most sophisticated tool

Nothing stinks, only thinking makes it so

24 Apr 2015 Published in Senses by editor

‘The most sophisticated tool we have is the nose. This tool does not cost any money. Nothing stinks, only thinking makes it so. The nose knows long before you ever see. So let’s smell. Let’s use our noses to recapture our emotion. There is a whole world to smell and a whole world to educate how to smell.’ (...)

OpenIDEO's Refugee Education Challenge seeks education solutions for refugees

Refugees deserve better education

23 Apr 2015 Published in Learning by Bas van Lier

On the day that EU-leaders gather to decide how to respond to the horrible scenes of drowning refugees in the Mediterranean, we focus on a new challenge by OpenIDEO that is taking things one step further. In the new Refugee Education Challenge designers are asked to design education solutions that help refugees learn new skills and gain access to a quality education. (...)

What Design Can Do 21 &22 May 2015 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Volvo Cars launch road safety initiative

Spray me safe

22 Apr 2015 Published in City by Femke van Gemert

Over 19,000 cyclists are in involved in accidents every year in the UK. Many of the collisions are caused by bad visibility. Car manufacturer Volvo comes up with a bright idea. (...)

Scent design can influence bus passengers’ experience of safety

Mandarin and leather make you feel safer

21 Apr 2015 Published in Senses by Bas van Lier

Scent design influences the sense of safety among public transport passengers, a study in the Netherlands suggests. The effect was small and working better for women then men, but the bus company that commissioned the study is now considering using fragrances on high-risk routes. (...)

Campana brothers present Candy Collection in Milan

Candies of glass to bring light and joy

20 Apr 2015 Published in Culture by Bas van Lier

Presented last week in Milan: the Candy Collection for Lasvit by the Campana brothers, who will be present at WDCD2015. The glass workshop where the lamps were made had the Brazilian design brothers think of a candy factory. So, as a sequence to their famous Sushi collection, the brothers thought of making a collection of glass candies inspired on the colorful candies sold in popular markets in Brazil. The video shows the making of the lamps by Czech glass-masters. (...)

Crispin Sinclair’s Babel Bike with safety cell protects cyclists against trucks and busses

The safest bike since 1884

17 Apr 2015 Published in City by Bas van Lier

The Babel Bike is, according to its inventor Crispin Sinclair, ‘the biggest step forward in bicycle safety since 1884’. The inspiration for the bicycle with safety cage came one day after Sinclair bounced off the side of a turning van. (...)

Top chef Alex Atala speaks out in a meetup with surfer Rob Machado

’The most powerful social media is food’

16 Apr 2015 Published in Food by Bas van Lier

‘The most powerful social media is not the Internet, not Facebook. It is food. Food connects all human beings.’ Meet top chef Alex Atala in this video, hear and feel his passion for food and for people, and realize that this true man will be one of the speakers at WDCD2015 next month! (...)

Design historian Victor Margolin calls upon designer to envision a new utopia

‘Purpose of design is creation of a good society’

15 Apr 2015 Published in Social by Bas van Lier

‘I claim that the ultimate purpose of design is to contribute to the creation of a good society, one that is fair and just.’ In his opening essay to ‘Design for the Good Society’, the publication that looks back on 10 years Utrecht Manifest, design historian Victor Margolin pleads for a new ‘action frame’ for the world. ‘We need to rethink the way we organize our lives at every level from the local to the global.’ Margolin sees a big role for designers in this cause. (...)

Edible water packaging is actually an easy thing to make at home

Ooho! that’s how a water blob is made

14 Apr 2015 Published in Food by Femke van Gemert

The edible water packaging Ooho! might be the solution to plastic waste pollution, one of the most pressing issues of our times. Edible water packaging could avoid plastic bottles polluting cities, parks, oceans and even the slopes of Mount Everest. (...)