After more than 25 years on the editorial staff of Dutch quality paper NRC Handelsblad, Metz left the paper to become director of the John Adams Institute, an independent foundation that brings the best and brightest of American culture to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile Tracy Metz still writes for NRC Handelsblad and weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer on urban issues. She is an international correspondent for the American magazine Architectural Record and a visiting fellow at Harvard, subsequent to her Loeb Fellowship (’06- ’07) at the Graduate School of Design.

Metz is the author of a number of books, most recently Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch, about the ‘extreme makeover’ of the Dutch landscape to accommodate a new, more natural relationship to water in times of climate change. She also has a monthly live talk show called Stadsleven (‘City Life’) in Amsterdam.

‘Today more than half of the world population lives in cities,’ she says. ‘Relatively that number keeps rising. That makes city life around the world an actual topic. In my talk show the focus is on Amsterdam, because it is the city where we are. The subjects arise from a fascination for what happens around me. Next I start researching them as a journalist.’