Steye Hallema is director, composer and inventor. With a background in computer animation, music, theatre and tech, he has the ability to combine the many different disciplines that are necessary in Virtual Reality.

Hallema always goes beyond the gimmick of a technology and has shown to propel storytelling in every piece of VR he made. By drawing methods from choreography, composition and animation he developed methodologies to direct in such a way that the experiences he creates make the viewers sit on the edge of their (swivel) chairs.

Hallema’s masterpiece VR music video What do we care4, that showcased many innovative ways of transitioning in VR, was nominated for a UK music award in 2015 and was a worldwide hit amongst virtual reality early adopters. His VR collaboration Ashes to Ashes is an 11-minute one-taker with 45 people on set, all meticulously choreographed to create one fluent experience. It won gold at the dutch VR Awards and was showcased on numerous Film and VR festivals worldwide.

Weltatem, a Virtual Reality Opera game in which 30 audience members play a VR game controlled by their own voice, won two Game Awards.

Hallema works as creative director for his own company WildVreemd and works as freelance director for Jaunt VR. Next to that he is the inventor and creative director of the Smartphone Orchestra an orchestra made up of the phones of the audience.