Miguel Melgarejo is a Mexican designer focused on social innovation, strategy development
and the promotion of the design discipline. His work focuses on qualitative research,
generation of business models and systems for products and services across multiple
industries. He studied at the TEC de Monterrey Campus Monterrey and did also a Masters at
the TU Delft in the Netherlands, graduating with honours.
He has promoted the design and creative industries through TOCTOC, organization which he
founded and is dedicated to gathering and promoting the creative talent in the north
of Mexico. He also started the Creative Industries Sector of the Mexican Talent
Network linked to the Foreign Ministry of the Mexican government. Some of the products
that he has designed have been sold in stores such as the MoMA in NY.
Melgajero directed the acclaimed documentary Design the New Business in Europe and is
currently producer of the podcast Fuera de Contexto. His most recent projects
include the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which
was performed between the Netherlands and India. He currently lives and resides in Mexico,
collaborating with Cirklo and collaborating with other projects.

Miguel Melgarejo hosts the ‘Business for new design’ breakout session together with Joel
Escalona on may 8.