Lot Amoros is a computer engineer and transdisciplinary artist who works on different projects around the world. After working on different political data visualization interfaces and interactivity in art, he got involved in the development of early Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Passionate about the values of free software, he designed Flone: an award winning, digitally fabricated, open source drone, that uses the power of smartphones to fly. The design was replicated worldwide by thousands of students, activists, and makers.

Now his work is focused on canalizing what Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can bring to humanity, understanding how to use this powerful tool, building platforms of freedom instead of control, reclaiming airspace as immaterial common good, and documenting the use of airspace as cultural resistance.

Amoros’s most recent project has an eco-technological background: he developed the concept behind Dronecoria, an aerial machine for ecological restoration projects, capable of sowing thousands of seed balls in minutes while analysing the landscape in order to find the best spot for every seed. Dronecoria is one of the winning projects of the WDCD Climate Action Challenge.

lot amoros will speak on the main stage May 25