Representing 3 generations of architects, both father and son carry the name Javier Sordo Madaleno de Haro and have both studied architecture at the Iberoamericana University. They work at the family company Sordo Madaleno which exists for almost 80 years; the father as Chairman of the Board of the Grupo and the son as Architect Director of Arquitectos.

The firm defines itself by its constant reinvention, both in terms of architecture and design, and in its aspirations and search for new challenges. When a project is presented to the firm, it is examined in detail, looking to enhance its social, ethical, design and programmatic value and expand its potential beyond the initial set of requirements.

The Madalenos are always looking to create a better city, which has led the company to become involved with projects that have a significant social and urban impact. Ones which regenerate their surroundings over time, adding value and creating new urban conditions. Extending their commitment to society and the environment, they have implemented an international environmental certification for their projects.