Three women, Lisseth Cordero, Mariana and Alejandra, have come together in Mexico City to make recycling more accessible and desirable in Mexico City. With their startup Ecolana, they are one of the proud winners of the WDCD Clean Energy Challenge.  Industrial engineer Lisseth Cordero, Mariana who leads the Plastic Ocean Foundation in México and environmental engineer Alejandra have launched their startup Ecolana, a community platform and app to improve recycling.

Acknowledging that everyone is a consumer and everyone generates waste, has been their starting point. Their goal is to improve awareness, connect citizens to established recycling centres and encourage companies to engage with recycling. This means they have three customers: citizens who recycle, recycling centres and consumer brands. 

Recycling Heroes – Citizens

The aim to empower these heroes providing them with useful environmental information so they can become more active and inspire others. For us Citizens are seen as key players.

Recycling Centers – Collectors

Using an inclusive recycling scheme allows Ecolana to focus on recycling centers. Building a strong community, they are able to enable this vulnerable segment of the population to become professionals in their sector and bring more income and dignity to their job. Additionally, we measure their environmental indicators.

Consumer Brands – Clients

Ecolana works with consumer brands that would like to activate the recycling chain of their packaging. They can recycle through the network of centers and collectors. Encouraging consumer brands to connect their consumer with the recycling centers in order to facilitate the recycling chain.

One year from now, they hope to increase the awareness of Ecolana as a tool for consumers, to strengthen their communities of recycling heroes and recycling centers and increase recycling in Mexico City. More exposure means reaching more people and therefore helping them to reduce their environmental footprint.