Well-known for his acting performances in Y tu mamá también, Milk, Rudo y Cursi, and Star Wars: Rogue One, famous Méxican actor and activist Diego Luna has become a powerful voice for social change. Examples of the political, cultural and social projects he works on are the documentary festival he co-founded, the tribute to immigration he directed, and the platform he initiated for political debate.

After living in LA for many years, Luna decided to move back to México City where he began to work on projects promoting social and political change. “I felt an urgency to be a part of what was happening in my country,” he said to the LA Times in an interview.

In collaboration with his partners Gael García Bernal, Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes, he created Ambulante in 2005. A traveling documentary festival in México that promotes constructing a more critical, empathic, open and engaged society. They show screenings, workshops, meetings with filmmakers, seminars, industry panels, documentary theater, drive-in screenings and more. Currently presenting over 100 documentaries and screenings in over 150 venues.

Luna also directed the tribute ad in 2016 to American immigration for the popular soft drink brand Jarritos, based in the US. The company was founded and is owned by Méxican immigrants who wanted to share the story of immigration. The advertisement connects images of Méxicans crossing the desert with old footage of European immigrants arriving to American shores a long time ago. Ending with the slogan #bettertogether, the commercial is seen as a much-needed reminder that even in difficult times, there is more that unites than divides.

For the 2018 presidential election, Luna launched the political initiative El Dia Despues (The Day After), a platform used to encourage social change. The project emphasises inclusion, as he explains, “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the next day we’re all going to wake up in the same country and this country has to include all of us.”