‘The future of communication would be both digital and print. In the past there was a fight about whether print or digital means would prevail as a mode of communication. This fight is over now. The future is aligning both the means,’ says Christopher Balaresque, Marketing Director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers

As part of his task to make sure the brand continues to live up to its sterling reputation as the gold standard of fine papers, Balaresque leads conferences on paper, print and design trends for the graphic community and luxury companies in Europe, North and Latin America and throughout Asia. With a combination of passion and personal commitment, he conveys to his audience the importance of detail and human-to-human relations.

2015 saw the launch of the Paper Book, an enormous sample book containing the complete collection of Arjowiggins‘ creative papers. Created in collaboration with London-based studio North, the book takes the sample book to a new level. Its visual appeal has much to do with the fact that the sample pages are not printed, just blank sheets.

After graduating from the business school ESCP and École de Commerce et d’Administration Paris, Balaresque began his career in sales at KONICA. Joining a famous French paper merchant, he discovered the world of fine and Luxury papers through various marketing positions. In the 90s he developed and implemented a pioneering CRM system for 80 sales reps. Surfing on the 2000 Internet trend, he delivered the first e-commerce solution for paper merchants. Balaresque is passionate about martial arts and practices Karate JKA.