With their startup Biogrün, Valeria Nova and Nancy Valerdi are one of the proud winners of the WDCD Clean Energy Challenge. Graduates from UNAM in México, they have a passion for sustainability projects and have an authentic commitment as professionals towards society and the environment. This was one of their key reasons for taking part in the Clean Energy Challenge.

Biogrün it’s composed of four Units and an App. The Conservation Unit prevent waste by storing fruits and vegetables in their optimal state, such as evaporative cooling, refrigeration or dehydration. The Organic Material Processing Unit promotes domestic waste sorting and compost production. The Crop Unit is designed to facilitate urban agriculture with a smart indoor greenhouse system that has self-watering pots and a health sensor.

Whereas the Distribution Unit and the Mobile App facilitate the trade or sale of the obtained products such as compost, vegetables or dehydrated fruits. This connects people to create a social network of individuals as well as public and private organizations. Developing communities as well as sustainable cities.

Nova and Valerdi believe that collaboration is at the core of their product and approach, ‘We hope to spread to future generations of designers and innovators, that there are ways to turn ideas into reality when you work with a collaborative approach. And we want to share the knowledge that we have accumulated, to show the benefits of it. Since no one is able to reach the summit of success alone, only with help of a team of people committed and passionate about their work.’