‘I love the problem solving aspect of my work. It is quite like a puzzle,’ says Los Angeles based Visual Effects artist and film maker Azra Rosna Alkan. ‘As a compositor, I am given all the elements and I have to figure out a way to fit them all together to make them belong and look real. At the end of each scene I work on I still get surprised on how real it looks. I almost fool myself into thinking this is a real live action footage.’

Azra Alkan moved to the United States from her native country Turkey in 2008 to pursue a career in the movie industry. Some of her recent visual effects work include blockbuster titles such as Antman and the Wasp, Django Unchained, Pirates of The Caribbean, Lost In Space, Walking Dead, as well as supervising critically and politically acclaimed TV series that are famous for its diversity such as Fresh off The Boat and Black-ish.

Aside from her visual effects work, Alkan is an aspiring documentary filmmaker, traveling the world to capture the stories of people who have started a new life in different cultures.

‘I was always infatuated with arts, particularly with storytelling,’ she told in an interview. ‘At the same time I was very good at sciences and I was drawn to both sides. I started programming at a very early age as well as painting and writing stories.’

Alkan started to study visual programming in Turkey, but decided to move to a school in the US to obtain more freedom on the visual side. ‘Visual Effects was a rare industry that kept both my artistic skills and my scientific background in check. I fell in love with it ever since.’

Currently Alkan is employed at Luma Pictures for an upcoming project, after working with many other California based visual effects studios. Eventually, she wants to open her own studio.