Jop Japenga

Jop Japenga is co-founder of the Rotterdam-based design studio Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken. At their core is a team of dedicated system designers, who specialise in transforming ideas and visions into tangible products, services and experiences. In 2013, the studio was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize for their design method ‘Hidden Design’.

Throughout his work, Jop’s focus is on exploring new ways in which design and research can build on each other to form a stronger practice. Together with other designers, makers, researchers, educational institutions, governmental organisations, and small and big clients, he sketches out various potential fields of work for their future practice. In doing so he translates abstract future visions into concrete applications.

Jop Japenga will host Activation Session 16: Adopting the Circular Design Guide, one of three BNO CIRCLE SESSIONS. With these sessions, BNO addresses the important role of the designer in working towards a sustainable and future proof world.