7: Check Your Hidden Impact


In her book The Hidden Impact designer Babette Porcelijn discusses the unnoticed impact consumers have on the environment by the things they use, buy and do on a daily basis. When assessing the consumer’s impact on the environment, we tend to look at the product alone, without taking into account the entire supply chain. Through what we buy we keep the existing and harmful system in place. This is what Porcelijn calls the ‘hidden impact’. By taking this hidden impact into account designers and consumers can make far more effective changes.

Porcelijn will help attending designers to measure the hidden impact of both their work and their private life with the aim to reduce the negative effects for the environment as effectively as possible. After an introduction, you will assess your own impact. Then you will explore your leverage, set goals and make concrete plans on how to get there. You will work in groups to inspire each other. To complete the session, the groups will present their most interesting findings to the others.

The ‘Hidden Impact’ session makes visible a huge blind spot in the assessment of our environmental impact. Participate and find out what your real impact is and what you can do about it, both as a designer and in your private life. This workshop is for those who want to make an effective transition towards ‘eco neutrality’.

Moderator: Babette Porcelijn.

CHECK YOUR HIDDEN IMPACT is one of three BNO CIRCLE SESSIONS. With these sessions, BNO addresses the important role of the designer in working towards a sustainable and future proof world.

Theme: Economy
Economists make us believe that prosperity can only be found in growth. But in the end more, and newer, and bigger will only lead us towards the apocalypse. To change things, we need to close the loop and reuse in smart ways what we already have. Designers have a large part in developing the circular and carbon free economy. The breakouts under this theme will show you the tools of circularity.


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