What Design Can Do for Refugees

Following up on Nynke Tromp’s lecture on designing behavioral change, Reframing Academy will host a breakout session to walk the talk! Learn how to challenge the complicated refugee matter with simple means. By reframing conflicts of concern underlying the refugee crisis, you will identify starting points for design.

By using the renowned reframing method you will be inspired to let go of the here and now. Tools will be provided in the process in order to (re)construct the future and to anticipate transitions needed to cope with ‘big changes’ ahead, like geo-political developments and the migration issues caused by it.

To do so, a different mindset is required. Make up your mind and get your hands dirty at a hands-on session “What Reframing Can Do For Refugees”, supported by Nynke Tromp (Technical University Delft, Reframing Studio) and Beatrijs Voorneman (Reframing Studio). Nynke is a social designer who aims to let the power of design work in favour of all of us. Beatrijs is an empathic designer with a particular sense for people’s needs.

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