Content creation

From the start What Design Can Do has been a content creating organisation. At first with the conferences but gradually through more channels. Today, WDCD operates as a platform that communicates through its conferences, challenges, website, blog, social media and off line publications. Along all these channels a growing community of engaged design professionals and design followers are reached. All of WDCD’s communication is focused on advocating design as a crucial factor for societal change and activating the international design community to make a difference.

Communication = content

For WDCD communication and content are two sides of the same coin. Every message that WDCD sends out is part of the same narrative: that design and creativity may not be neglected as an important factor for social innovation and problem solving. Every announcement of a new speaker at one of WDCD’s conferences, every description of a workshop, every blog post, every social media posting has the same underlying statement: that design is more than a styled chair or a fancy vase. It means that content and communication are synonyms for WDCD.

Our community

WDCD focuses its activities and communication on the international community of engaged designers in all disciplines, on governments, organizations and companies with an interest in the problem-solving powers of design, students and all others with a professional interest in design. Communication is focused on these groups, while sometimes the general public is served as well through articles in general media.

Print publications

Every year WDCD publishes a new book that highlights the work of designers from all parts of the globe who try to change the world for the better. Click on the images below to learn more about the four books we’ve made so far.