Program 2015

Currently, we are compiling our program to make sure that you’ll have a great time at WDCD 2015! Therefore, the program below is subject to change. Keep an eye on this page and stay updated!


Alejandro Magallanes

Mexico – Graphic

Alex Atala

Brazil – Food

Bompas & Parr

United Kingdom – Flavour-based experience design

Campana Brothers

Brazil – Furniture

Charles Spence

United Kingdom – Oxford University

Francis Kéré

Burkina Faso – Architecture

Mass Studio

United States – Architecture

Michael Johnson

United Kingdom – Doing good by branding better

Paul Hekkert

The Netherlands – Design & Emotion

Robert Wong (Google)

United States – Digital Design

Sissel Tolaas

Norway – Smell

Stefan Sagmeister

United States – Graphic



Breakout sessions
Happenings & Discussions
An ever-growing Side Progam
What Design Can Do Film Festival
What Party Can Do Afterparty
And more…