About What Design Can Do


What Design Can Do was initiated in 2011 as a platform to showcase design as a catalyst of change and as a way of addressing the societal questions of our time. The story is told through our annual conference in Amsterdam, additional conferences in other parts of the world, the worldwide What Design Can Do Challenge, as well as our own publications and the WDCD blog.

Across all of our initiatives, our primary aim is always to present best practices and visions, to provoke discussion and to facilitate fruitful exchange between disciplines. Why? To demonstrate the power of design; to show that it can do more than make things pretty. To call on designers to stand up, take responsibility and consider the beneficial contribution that designers can make to society. WDCD’s last live event took place in São Paulo on 13 & 14 December 2016 .

Next up, we are heading back to Amsterdam for our 9th edition!

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